The Indian retailing industry infrastructure is booming. As consumer demand for the latest trends surges, electronics, fashion, accessories, jewelry retailersare moving quickly to engage with shoppers and ensure they have the right product mix on the shelves. And from procurement to merchandising, supplies management to expense flows, the retail industry needs end to end, yet customizable solutions to solve the twin problems of efficiency and volumes.

Audex Solutions functionally rich and cutting edge applications is meant to serve the growing demands of retail industry. From Multi-category formats, specialty stores, discount houses;the solution can cater to different store types.

Some of its key differentiators includes

  • The application can provide min and max price limits and set buying guidelines across product categories
  • It has a simplified and yet control intense mechanism for enforcing the mark-up and mark-down rates during the procurement process from vendors.
  • There is a pre-cataloging process, when buyers at vendors’ premises assists the catalogue creation process by identification of new products using the mobile application, android based
  • The cataloging process is made simple with all possible options on brands, categories, sub-categories and display sections
  • A robust discount scheme configurator by Items, by customer bill or by unique identification number of individual SKUs is made available as part of the standard functionalities.
  • A key feature to manage product returns is the unique identification number, the UIDN, used to track, trace and act – from warehouse receipts until consumer billing at retail stores.
  • Standard features include supplier/ vendor indents, PO (Purchase Order) module, GRNs, ASNs, Warehouse Management, Transport Management from central warehouses to multiple stores. Packing slips by stores eases the logistics of secondary dispatches.
  • Franchisee stores – orders directly received in the supplies portal based on credit limits.
  • The solution is fully GST ready and currently supports excise invoice generation, besides providing a tax recipe master for ease of configuration of taxes by categories.
  • Technology wise : The application is available on cloud or on local at store server or on a hybrid combination mode. A multi-tier architecture which can be made available in both online and offline modes.