Our Values

Our values have been arrived at after intense reflection and deliberation. It is the foundation of our organization

Quality & Innovation

To strive constantly to improve our products and our services. To recognize that improvements and making an application or a service better is a continuous journey, not a milestone. We believe that companies who successfully cultivate innovation don’t solely look at a handful of people in research and development to come up with new ideas, products or services.

Instead, they actively seek out people from across and outside their organizations and industries.

In this way, we continually acquire new perspectives, gain new experiences and demonstrate to employees, partners and customers the value of curiosity and a fresh outlook.

Approachability and Dependability

To be open, simple to deal with and to be reliable in our business. Openness is embedded in our decision making process wherein the business process and functional stakeholders participate in our decision making process.

Integrity and Transparency

To be sincere, ethical in our transactions amongst our employees, our customers, our suppliers.

One can describe a company as having ethical integrity to the extent that our actions, beliefs, methods, measures and principles all derive from a single core group of values. We are therefore flexible and willing to adjust these values in order to maintain consistency when these values are challenged; such as when an expected test result fails to be congruent with all observed outcomes. Because such flexibility is a form of accountability, we also regard it as our responsibility.