Freight & Logistics Audits

Organizations end up handling extra – ordinary amount of paper-work to manage the fragmented transportation and warehouse industry’s services.

The transport bills processing and related operations alone is voluminous and often a de-centralized operation. Freight contracts can be exceedingly complex. Likewise, freight and value added services invoices are accompanied by numerous supporting documents. With complexity of the freight quotes and unique rate structures for warehouse activities, organizations conduct cost verification checks to keep a tab on the transportation spend. Nevertheless, it should also be noted that freight cost verification exercises are vulnerable to human and process errors.

Audex Solutions provides business process strategies in order for organizations to control and save on the monthly spend on freight and warehouse bills, more so in cases wherein the transaction volumes are high.Companies can realize major savings in freights by conducting periodic logistics audits.

A best-practice freight audit provides a closed-loop process to ensure contract compliance,ensure that invoices are paid exactly as prescribed by logistics contracts. Organizations can review and determine if another carrier would be provided more cost-effective transportation service or an outsourced warehouse vendor with better value-added rate structures.

  • Audit Plan – Possible intervention steps

  • Perform a trial, Low scale project

  • Verify the Efficacy of the trial

  • Initiate Big Scale Change

  • Most productive audits are accomplished methodically & by professional teams with a combination of experience in Logistics service provider’s industry, business process auditing experience, accounting transactions and equally important in transportation software applications.

  • The team at Audex Solutions is well poised to conduct freight audits. Our people, experience and practices can help organizations realize savings and develop better insights in planning and executing transportation operations.

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