GPS Based Solutions

Audex Solutions, GPS solutions many differentiating features to assist logistics operations of organizations

  • Geo Fence Alerts

    Vehicle tracking system has the provision to define an area of operation of a vehicle, which is called Geo fence. If a vehicle passes a particular pre- defined area, application will send alerts to management.

  • Pre Alerts

    Vehicle Tracking System can send the pre alerts based on a route mapped. Alert can be sent to a particular user group mapped to the stage on the route, based on the vehicle start point or vehicle arrival at any other stage prior on the route.

Billing Integration

Vehicle tracking system has the capability to capture the contracts of the vehicle with the applicable charges such as

  • Fixed Monthly Rent

  • Charges for extra kms run, charges for extra hours run, extra charges for working on Holidays

  • Provision to capture vehicle maintenance days and extra charge if the vehicle works on the same

  • Deduction for Absenteeism

  • Diesel Escalation charges

Based on the GPS data captured integration can be done with the contracts and bills can be generated.

Document Expiry Tracking & Pre Alerts

Vehicle Tracking System has the capability to capture the details of the statutory documents. System tracks the expiry dates and provide pre alerts for renewals for Driving Licence / Vehicle Permit/Insurance / Pollution Certificate / RC of the Vehicle/Vehicle Maintenance Due Dates / Vehicle FC checks etc.

Vehicle Track & Trace

System has the capability to track & trace the route taken by the vehicle based on the input parameters provided by the user. Example1 : To track the route taken by the vehicle no.1, on 30.09.2013 from 08:00 Hrs. to 22:00 Hrs. This feature can be used to trace a vehicles path say 2 or 3 months before the current the date. It is unique to the extent of addressing queries on where was the vehicle at that point in time.

Driver Performance Report

System can generate a report of a driver performance based on the over speeding of the vehicle.